“Sliding door cupboards”

I had an exceptionally satisfying service from Gliderobes.

I had previously contacted two other prominently advertised firms that supply sliding door cupboards both of which frustratingly wanted to arrange a preliminary visit from a representative who would take approximate measurements, produce a computer aided design image of the whole room, show samples and give a price. That would have been a waste of time and would have increased the quoted price.
By contrast when I telephoned Gliderobes I found myself talking to a man who would be closely involved in the production of the components for my order in the factory. He gave me a price based on my measurements and when I paid it he arranged for an experienced joiner to inspect the rooms and take the precise measurements that were required for him to fit the cupboards to a high standard. Once these precise measurements were received the cupboards were promptly made and delivered to my house. The joiner then fitted them perfectly.
There were three cupboards in all and it took three days to fit them.
I chose the high quality Raumplus system and am absolutely delighted with the result, the service and the price.
It put my mind at ease to know that the joiner who took the measurements was the one who would fit the cupboards and that he was well known to the company.
It also put my mind at ease to be always speaking to technically expert people rather than the type of public relations people that the other firms employ in their shops and on the telephone.