The Gliderobes Sliding Wardrobe FAQ’s

Welcome to the Gliderobes Sliding Wardrobe FAQ page. Here you will find a number of frequently asked questions and answers for our sliding wardrobe designs. Each crafted to the highest of standards to ensure excellent quality. Made to order bespoke sliding wardrobes by Gliderobe.

Gliderobes have installed hundreds of sliding door wardrobes within our fitting region, therefore you can build our experience into your room. Gliderobes are the ONLY company on the internet who offer a full bespoke solution. All other internet companies require YOU to decide how you are going to fit the wardrobe. Using our on-line quotation and buying section, you simply measure your room and answer the questions asked – we do all the calculations for the number of doors required, external framework, interior and all fixing components.

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FAQ’s & Answers

We have put together a list of our frequently asked questions and answers here for you.
If you still need any further assistance please feel free to contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Are made to measure sliding door wardrobes more expensive than standard size units?

Sliding door wardrobes may be more expensive than freestanding wardrobes but they are a perfect way to solve a storage problem, most are customised inside and out, maximising every inch of space you have.
Corner sliding wardrobes will be more expensive as the design and installation is more complex.
So, whether you are looking for a fully fitted solution with a bespoke design or a supply only wardrobe at factory direct prices, you’re in great hands with Gliderobes.

Are sliding wardrobe doors better than hinged doors?

Sliding door wardrobes create a streamlined, practical and stylish storage solution.

The biggest advantage Sliding Door Wardrobes have versus Hinged Door wardrobes is that they don’t require much space in front of them, as the doors slide from side to side.  For example, in many UK bedrooms, it’s usually bedside cabinets that are often in the way for a hinged door wardrobe.

Are fitted sliding wardrobes better than freestanding wardrobes?

There are far more benefits choosing fitted sliding door wardrobes instead of freestanding wardrobes.

Installing made to measure Sliding door wardrobes can make the most of every nook and cranny you have and can fit around awkward areas like sloping ceilings, alcoves and chimney breasts.

Are fitted wardrobes worth it?

A fitted Sliding Door Wardrobe will give you the storage you need and will work perfectly with the space you have.

Transforming your bedroom into a well-ordered, clutter free retreat where there’s a place for everything is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Do fitted wardrobes add value to a house?

The initial purchase of a quality Sliding door wardrobe may seem expensive, but you will definitely be able to recover the benefit of this investment when it comes to selling your house.  Estate agents usually emphasise fitted wardrobes as an advantage in the house’s selling credentials and therefore include this benefit in their valuation.

How much does a Made to Measure sliding wardrobe cost?

Prices at Gliderobes start from as little as £565 for a 2 Door, wall to wall, Made to Measure 1000mm Sliding Wardrobe with Mirrored Doors, White Frame and a simple internal hanging rail, excluding installation.
You can design and price you own sliding wardrobe from the comfort of your own home using our state-of-the-art configurator – right here.

Can you install fitted wardrobes on top of carpets?

We always prefer to fit our wardrobes on top of a hard floor as this provides a firm surface. We do have a solution if you need us to fit on top of your carpet, which is slightly more expensive.  Don’t forget a fitted wardrobe will last longer than your carpet, so if you decide to replace your carpet this could then be problematic.

Do fitted wardrobes cause damp?

In older properties it’s always better to install on an inside wall. Fitting a wardrobe over a wall which is susceptible to damp may make the problem worse. Fitting wardrobes over a damp wall will only hide the damp and not solve the problem. Please refer to a damp specialist if you have such problems as there can be several reasons for damp occurring.

Should I buy the interiors at the same time as my sliding doors?

To get the most out of your wardrobe from a practical standpoint, it really is worth giving your wardrobe interiors real consideration.

By ordering the interiors at the same time as your wardrobe doors, we can make sure the overlap of the doors doesn’t conflict with the interiors you choose.  We can design the interiors to suit your exact needs and because our interiors are fully customisable you can match the interior to the exterior of your new wardrobe.

Should you decide to purchase interiors from elsewhere, then Gliderobes cannot be responsible for integration issues.

What is the minimum depth you can have for a Sliding wardrobe?

610mm depth is the minimum for conventional hanging.  Front-facing hanging or shelving is available for wardrobe depths below 610mm.

How level do the walls, floors and ceiling need to be?

They don’t need to be level as we always supply scribe panels to install against any uneven surface.  Scribing is a very straightforward process and will result in a flawless finish, but does require some DIY experience.

The quotation we send you shows the maximum runout of walls, floors and ceilings. Should you require more scribe allowance than what is stated in our quotation then please ask us to add some extra.

Are there any other colour choices available if I cannot find the colour I’m looking for?

We have over 50 finishes to choose from and yes if you don’t see what you are looking for then just ask!  Our suppliers have 100’s of special finishes just call our sales team to advise you 01773 600040.

What is the difference between Steel and Aluminium framed wardrobes?

Aluminium is used for L shaped corners (open corners where doors on adjacent wardrobes close against each other), slopes, walk-throughs and triple track wardrobes. If you just require a straight run of wardrobes (or a corner wardrobe with a corner end panel) then you can have steel unless of course you want to upgrade to aluminium.

Generally, Steel gives a greater choice of colours. All carry the same Gliderobes 10-year guarantee.

What are soft-closers on doors?

Soft close mechanisms stop the sliding door before it meets the end panel or side frame of the wardrobe, it then pulls the sliding door to close slowly.  Soft Door Closers can be added to the Gliderobes Traditional, Raumplus and Traditional PLUS ranges providing they meet the minimum door width requirement.

Do you do home visits?

Our sales staff really are ‘wardrobe wizards’ and can design and quote via email or phone so initially we do not do home visits. This keeps our overheads low, and our prices fair and competitive. From just a few measurements we can quickly provide you with a detailed quotation.  But don’t worry! if you choose to have your wardrobe installed by our approved fitters, we will arrange for our fitter to visit site and measure the space perfectly for you before we manufacture your order.

How do I measure the space properly?

For information about measuring your space; please see our handy guide here; Help Measuring.

What if I get my measurements wrong?

Don’t worry if you choose our fitting service, then your measurements are checked by the fitter during a survey visit before we manufacture your order. The worst case is a change to the quotation should your measurements are found to be inaccurate.

If you chose not to select our fitting service, then we ask you to double check the measurements against the drawing pack we provide before we commence manufacture of your order. After you have confirmed the measurements, then you are liable for any mis-measure. Our theory is that if you can’t measure with confidence, then you should select our fitted option (if available in your area).

How long does it take to order?

Once you are happy with the design of your new wardrobe, Gliderobes will begin manufacturing. Your wardrobe will usually be ready for you within 3 weeks.

Do you have your own installers?

We have created a small network of Approved Installers who have all agreed to the Gliderobes code of conduct; meaning they are always reliable, produce excellent work and guarantee no mess. Our fitters generally only work with Gliderobes and so we have longstanding relationships with them.

When we recruit new fitters, they are required to install trial wardrobes under instruction in our factory training area before they are awarded with approved status.

As you’d expect all fitters carry their own liability insurance and for extra peace of mind Gliderobes liability insurance provides extra backup cover.

Can I fit your wardrobes myself?

Yes, however some DIY knowledge would be required. Full installation instructions are always provided with every order.

What guarantee do Gliderobes offer?

Our products are well engineered to stand the test of time.  For added peace of mind Gliderobes offer a 10-year guarantee, meaning you can enjoy your wardrobe for many years to come. See Terms and Conditions for list of exemptions.

How do I clean and look after my new wardrobe and bedroom furniture?

For information about caring for your new purchase please see our handy guide Care & Maintenance Guide

Can you provide a quotation if the online design configurator doesn’t represent my available space?

Yes, of course just call 01773 600040 or email us Our friendly staff have a wealth of experience and are on hand 7 days a week to help you.

Do we have to stay in all day to accept your Delivery?

No of course not! once you place your order with us, we give you a delivery date.  Then 2-3 days prior to your delivery date we will email you to advise you of your dedicated time slot.

Still need help?

Just contact us here – our sales staff will be pleased to help you.

Tel: 01773 600040