“”Gliderobes The Best””

I first contacted Gliderobes by phone they were polite and helpful.

As they were fairly local to my self, we went to the showroom.

We knew what we wanted but couldn’t quite put it into words.

The man who served us sat us down at a computer and after a few clicks of the mouse a design appeared in front of us complete with the price.

There was no pressure whatsoever, we left with the computer designed drawing some samples of the wood exterior and samples of the coloured glass panels.

We quickly decided to go ahead.

Glidrobes then sent an expert installer to do a site survey. Everything was satisfactory.

A couple of weeks later our beautiful sliding door wardrobes were installed.

We are thrilled with the quality of manufacturer and the expert installation, everything is perfect. We really couldn’t be any happier.

Congratulations to Gliderobes we would recommend you to anyone from a happy customer