“don’t be put off by all the 5 star reviews!”

When we moved into a new house with an attic master bedroom, we had a look at Gliderobes and were surprised by the low price. We planned it all online out but decided to get a quote from Sharpes too as we were concerned that all of these reviews were 5 star and only had done one review. Sharpes came out, measured up and quoted for nearly £4000, nearly 3 times more than the Gliderobes website, and this was with their current 75% discount which would have been over £7000 full price!

Needless to say, we went back to Gliderobes, this time we went into the show room on boxing day to have a look, but had been warned that it was only a small showroom. There weren’t many options on display, but they were all very different to each other. We took our plans to to man in there and he went through them with us, he even took us into the workshop to show us our choices in real life! He explained the process (really this could have been put on the website a bit more clearly) and we paid for the wardrobes. We were told that we pay the fitter after installation, and that the fitter was an ex-Sharpes fitter, so that sounded good!

The fitter contacted us to come and do a site survey which he did with minimal hassle, then arranged to collect the parts and complete the installation 2 days before we moved in. This was all done by email and text and there were very few problems! The only thing was the layout inside where he had to leave the bottom rails off but he discussed this with us.

We were very suspicious that these reviews seem fake as they are all so positive, but if you like what they sell, you can’t go wrong. It’s a shame there aren’t more interior options but that is most likely because of our sloped roof.

All in all, very happy! soft close feature works well (no soft close on the middle door though) and there is plenty of space inside, it’s very well organised and looks fantastic.