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When you’re fitting your wardrobe …

 Total Solution Made Just for You.

We have installed hundreds of sliding door wardrobes within our fitting region, therefore you can build our experience into your room. We are the ONLY company on the internet who offer a full bespoke solution. All other internet companies require YOU to decide how you are going to fit the wardrobe. Using our on-line quotation and buying section, you simply measure your room and answer the questions asked – we do all the calculations for the number of doors required, external framework, interior and all fixing components.

Other websites lead you to believe that simply putting thin liners on the walls and floors is all you have to do – how many walls and floors are this ‘straight’ and ‘true’? Our installation system eliminates out of true walls, floors and ceilings. If you want doors which are mis-aligned and slide open by themselves, then use their installation methods – just hope they’re more careful when manufacturing the doors!

Test our ‘Get a Quote’ pages to appreciate the Gliderobes difference! We even tell you the size of the doors so you can check your stairway/hallway access – how many other websites thinks for you in this much detail.

Don’t spend more than you have to …

As raw materials are available in different sizes, our website calculates the least number of doors required (you can add more doors if you wish). Other sliding door companies simply work to the smallest material size, therefore selling you more doors than you actually need.

We supply all the components you need to fit your wardrobe – this reduces the time required to install – most wardrobes can be fitted within one day. Supplying all the fixings improves your wardrobe quality and minimises the overall wardrobe cost (it’s amazing how much DIY stores charge for these items).

Only buy what you need …

We cut and edge boards to suit your wardrobe. Other web based sliding door suppliers will only supply you standard size panels which they buy-in from other suppliers, therefore you buy more than you need and then you have to cut the boards yourself. We design a kit to minimise the amount of on-site cutting – this saves you time, money and gives you a much higher quality finish as most of the cutting is undertaken in our workshop using modern, quality machinery.

As a test for other web sites, have a look at their end panel widths – most will only offer a 610mm wide panel – a sliding door wardrobe requires 660mm to allow clearance between the clothes and the doors. 610mm is the absolute minimum, and a compromise to the ‘ideal’ design.

Overall buying a wardrobe kit will save you money. Our doors and tracks are competitively priced, and we can compete on this alone, but when you add:

then the choice becomes a no brainer!

… We’re thinking for you!


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