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We buy top quality boards (melamine faced chipboard – MFC) from Egger, who are regarded as the best in the industry. We only use 18mm thickness and edge the boards ourselves using 2mm PVC. Other companies will only offer you 15mm and/or 0.6mm edging tape. 2mm gives a rounded edge to the board and is much more durable. The cost for this edging is more than the thinner edging tape, but it’s this attention to details which gives the excellent finish to our wardrobes.

Sliding Door System

The type of sliding door system has a major influence on the price of the wardrobe kit, so we offer different ranges to suit your budget. We don’t use the cheapest systems on the market result in a flimsy door with little strength. We start our range with a mid-quality grade of system which meets our quality standards. Sure, you may buy a cheaper door than ours, but it will be a lower quality. If you are tempted to buy cheaper somewhere else, then don’t rush in to buying it, ask the manufacturer for samples first so you can make an informed choice – our samples are sent out the same day by 1st class post if ordered before 4PM, so a sample request will not slow down things too much.

Even if your spending more on a higher grade system, it’s still better to order samples as some competitors offer budget aluminium framed doors at higher prices to make you beleive that if your paying more, then you must be buying a better product. Our aluminium framed doors use a German system known as Raumplus, and these systems are usually sold through the higher end fitted bedroom specialists.

We only use door wheels with bearing axles on all our systems – this gives the life required to offer a 10 year guarantee, and smooth, silent running. In order to ensure that the wheels are not overloaded, we choose higher grade bearings, and have a design rule that only allows us to design a door up to 70% of it’s maximum designed load carrying capability. The top guides are also wheels which offer a more positive location in the top track than other cheaper nylon skids which other companies fit as standard.

Mirror and Glass

Our mirror and glass conform to European safety standard EN 12600 class 2B2. Each piece of glass has the sharp edges removed before framing the door as this helps to prevent the glass cracking later after delivery. When glass is cut, it is done so by ‘scoring’ the surface, and then the glass will break along this line. Micro cracks can exist in the surface after cutting. Most door manufacturers leave this in a belief that they will not develop in to full cracks. We prefer to grind the edge of the glass to remove these micro cracks, and offer a guarantee on the glass in our doors, in the knowledge that we’ve done all we can to prevent failure. Ask other companies if they guarantee the glass in their doors after delivery – you’ll then find out that most other companies guarantees exclude the glass and edge of the glass is not ground.


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