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Who Are GlideRobes?

We’re an independent, privately owned company who are Customer focused and dedicated to offering the customer the very best value for money and service. We are not tied in to any other larger company, so we have the flexibility of where to buy our raw materials.

We are registered at Companies House as Gliderobes Ltd and you can search companies house on-line web check to validate this.

We differ from other companies who offer sliding doors, as we give you the choice of either:


How Can GlideRobes Offer a Better product and Service than other Companies?

As we are an independent company, we have focused on providing the correct solution at the right price. We have grown our company since our formation in 2005 on the basis good old fashioned customer service and trust. We have NOT grown through flashy marketing campaigns, but through repeat and recommendation work.

We have constantly invested in modern machinery, employees, good quality manufacturing facility, as well as up to date computer systems, which all play their part in providing you with a ‘no hassle purchase’.

Just have a look through our testimonials page to see the feedback we receive. This feed back is not prompted, but sent to us from Customers who find the urge to to tell us! We are grateful to these past Customers who make the effort to tell us.

If, for whatever reason, we fall short to satisfy our customers expectations, we do what we can to remedy the situation immediately and learn the lesson for the future. We’re not that arrogant to tell you that nothing ever goes wrong, but if it does then we treat the matter with urgency – just a good HONEST service.


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