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Our Trading Ethics.

Do You Want Value for Money? If yes, then read on……………….

When you’re shopping around you will see other companies offering amazing deals where the main emphasis is on slashing prices and forcing customers by buy before the deadline ends. At GlideRobes, we like to think that Customers are a little more intelligent and can see through these amazing deals . In reality, sales are only genuine if companies have to offload excess stock, or seasonal stock. In the furniture industry, trade is not really seasonal, and when the goods are made to order, the finished stock is not in existence.

The only reason for our competitors to offer discounts is to pressurize Customers in to buying before they have chance to request material samples from several companies and make a considered purchase.

Competitors offering high list prices, who then offer fake sales only confuse customers as to the true value of the goods they purchasing. At GlideRobes our pricing is HONEST and STABLE and we will not give deadlines to pressurise customers.

We offer a range of sliding doors from our standard sliding door range, to our top of the range Raumplus system, which is regarded in the industry as the highest German quality system you can buy. So you can buy to suit your budget and rest assured that you have bought the very best value for money.


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